Anomaly Detection in Data Plane Systems using Packet Execution Paths


Programmable data planes provide exciting opportunities to realize fast, accurate, and data-driven control-loop decisions. Many data plane systems have been proposed for handling network dynamics (congestion, failures) in near real-time. The core of these systems has packet-processing data-plane algorithms that continuously monitor traffic and respond automatically. Despite their benefits, automatic response to network events lead to an increase in potential sources of inputs, and hence, an increase in attack surface. This paper takes a step towards securing such systems by (1) identifying possible attacks on recently proposed data-driven data-plane systems; and (2) designing a scalable tool for detecting such attacks at run time. Our approach models plausible expected behavior and uses the model as a reference to check whether the system is under attack. We conduct preliminary experiments to demonstrate the feasibility of our detection methodology.

ACM SIGCOMM workshop on Secure Programmable network INfrastructure
Saurabh Joshi
Saurabh Joshi
Assistant Professor, CSE

My research interests include Constraint Programming, Formal Verification and Program Analysis.