Safety Verification and Refutation by $k$-Invariants and $k$-Induction

This paper describes a sound and complete tool, 2LS, for program verification and the techniques behind its working.

Property-Driven Fence Insertion Using Reorder Bounded Model Checking

This paper introduces Re-Order Bounded Model Checking to efficiently repair programs on weak memory models.

Incremental Cardinality Constraints for MaxSAT

This paper describes techniques to incremental encode cardinality constraints. This led Open-WBO to win accolades in MaxSAT evaluations.

A New Method of {MHP} Analysis for Languages with Dynamic Barriers

This paper presents a technique to perform May-Happen-in-Parallel analysis for languages with Dynamic Barriers.

Underspecified harnesses and interleaved bugs

This paper presents a technique to find interleaved bugs even with incomplete harness.

Distributed Generalized Dynamic Barrier Synchronization

Static assertion checking of open programs requires setting up a precise harness to capture the environment assumptions. For instance, a library may require a file handle to be properly initialized before it is passed into it. A harness is used to …

Reactivity in SystemC Transaction-Level Models

SystemC is a popular language used in modeling system-on-chip implementations. To support this task at a high level of abstraction, transaction-level modeling (TLM) libraries have been recently developped. While TLM libraries are useful, it is …