OpenMP aware MHP Analysis for Improved Static Data-Race Detection

This paper employs MHP analysis inside LLOV, to increase coverage of OpenMP pragmas for data-race checking for OpenMP Programs.

Anomaly Detection in Data Plane Systems using Packet Execution Paths

This paper describes a statistical analysis based technique to detect certain kinds of attack on the programmable data planes.

GPURepair: Automated Repair of GPU Kernels

This paper presents a tool and a technique to fix data-race and barrier divergence errors in CUDA and OpenCL programs.

Phase Transition Behavior of Cardinality and XOR Constraints

This paper studies phase transition behaviour of CARD-XOR formulas.

Pinaka: Symbolic Execution Meets Incremental Solving - (Competition Contribution)

This paper describes, Pinaka, a symbolic execution engine that leverages incremental SAT solving.

Approximation Strategies for Incomplete MaxSAT

This paper presents a couple of incomplete Weighted MaxSAT solving techniques that allowed _Open-WBO-Inc_ to win accolades in MaxSAT evaluations 2018 and MaxSAT evaluations 2019.

On the tractability of $(k,i)$-coloring

This paper is primarily provides a parameterized algorithm for $(k,i)$-coloring problem using feedback vertex set as the parameter.

Equivalence Checking of a Floating-Point Unit Against a High-Level C Model

This paper describes an efficient technique for equivalence checking of a real-world Floating Point Unit.

The virtues of conflict: analysing modern concurrency

This paper presents a different encoding that makes Bounded Model Checking faster for concurrent programs.

Generalized Totalizer Encoding for Pseudo-Boolean Constraints

This paper describes Generalized Totalizer Encoding (GTE) to encode Pseudo-Boolean Constraints. This encoding led Open-WBO to win accolades in MaxSAT evaluations and Pseudo-Boolean evaluations.